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EA89 Pomace wet and loose


September 14, 2023 01:37 pm


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Good morning,

I have since a few days the problem with my Krups EA89 that the coffee only tastes watery. sad.gif
After I have unscrewed the machine, I could see inside that everywhere coffee powder is distributed. The pomace is not pressed but lands for the most part loose in the drip tray. It even goes so far that after removing the drip tray, I can't push it back up to the intended stop, because the shaft is blocked by wet, muddy pulp.

So I removed the grinder and cleaned everything. I could not find a defect. However, I suspect that the ground coffee is not properly transported out of the grinder. Is there a special device for this or does the ground coffee simply slide down the nozzle and is stripped by the spring.

I have attached a video in which I have run the machine in the open state.

I also had the problem of the too short grinding time. Meanwhile, I have been able to fix this problem. I have run the machine 2-3 times without coffee beans, which has increased the grinding time.

I hope someone can help me here.