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Filter DeLonghi 6900.M PrimaDonna Exclusive

Filter necessary?


January 13, 2020 05:41 am


Hello dear forum,

I hope I landed in the right place. Sorry if I missed the one or answer maybe, also the manual is not really great.

Since yesterday I am owner of a Filter DeLonghi 6900.M PrimaDonna Exclusive. The indicated water hardness for us is 2.8 °dH (soft). I have a few questions about that.

1. in the menu of the machine I would enter 3 at the water hardness?
2. can I use any product to decalcify (liquid or granules/also
from the drugstore)?

3. do I need a filter

(2.8 soft)

for my water hardness


4. if a filter is required, do I have to


something in the menu in the hardness settings


5. which type of filter is better ? In the net I find the normal water filter and another one (looks like cardboard). Unfortunately I could not


the links here

Thank you