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Jura S8

Information on actions to be taken


August 24, 2020 12:20 pm


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I find it particularly frustrating to be "warned" when the machine "requires" an intervention, this almost always happens when I make a (small) series of coffees and depending on the case the intervention takes a lot of time (emptying the grounds container and the drip tray for example). If one had, as it is the case for cleaning the milk system or changing the filter to "postpone" it would be already good, but one understands that if the warning is too late it is not possible. So a first level of warning that does not block would be welcome.
Another point: the smartphone application and the machine did not have the same pre-settings, I would have thought that when you change one had affected the other. This is very annoying and makes the application little (or not at all) useful

Similarly, a configurable delay for execution of an application would be necessary


Through which channel can such remarks be passed on to Jura?