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Screen support wanted: Turmix Tx 510 only

torn at the edge - nowhere replacement


March 10, 2016 10:45 am


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>My Turmix Tx 510 pad machine has been standing around unused for years, because the metal of the screen carrier or the thin sheet steel screen itself is almost completely torn at the handle. Unfortunately, it was only possible to order these from the company or the responsible service department at the beginning, but they had not been available for years.

Originally, only one sealing ring had broken, because the lever mechanism with which the sieve carrier (the sieve) is pressed over the sealing ring on the machine probably strains the rubber ring too much. After that, these spare rings broke every few weeks and the thin sheet steel sieve tore all around the sheet metal retaining clip. I don't know if you can weld such a thin sheet and if so who, or where I can get such a special sieve. (What kind of repair shop could weld such a thing? Car workshops probably not, but it would not hold probably?)

The similar sieve carriers (I mean the sieve with handle) for coffee and tea from other companies do not fit so far unfortunately, even if they look technically probably very similar (senseo).

Leider is offered also with eBay nothing used....

Has someone perhaps an otherwise defective Turmix tx510 and the sieve left?