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Philips (EP4321/50) discharges water before coffee


September 16, 2022 04:55 pm


Hi, I have the same problem with our new Philips 4300 as seen in this video at 4:00

a small amount of water is released before actual coffee starts to come out. I suppose it's some leftover water from previous rinse cycle. Is that normal with all superautos? Feels gross especially since I mostly drink ristrettos so it's like 1/4th of the drink volume...


September 16, 2022 09:02 pm



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This is called "pre-brewing".
The coffee is first briefly moistened before the actual brewing process begins.
Unfortunately, I can't tell you why pure water is used.


September 21, 2022 03:13 pm


Thanks. But if if was (a direct and intended result) of pre-brewing / pre-infusion then 1) why is the water clear (it should go over the beans, right) and more importantly 2) why does it go into my cup?! Still not convinced and would love to know if other superauto brands behave the same as well...