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Grinder defective?

Grinder grinds but does not brew coffee


October 03, 2021 10:53 am


Hello dear forum,

After our vacation, we used only ground coffee for a few weeks on our Nivona CafeRomatica 850, which is about 10 years old. Then after we switched back to beans, there was no more coffee. I had suspected that the grinder was stuck and accordingly disassembled and cleaned the grinder. Unfortunately, this did not remedy the problem. So the next assumption was that the motor was probably broken. It still makes noise, but not as much as before. Like it wasn't actually grinding beans. So ordered new grinder and installed it. From the sound of it, it's kind of like it was with the old motor. Now it's like I guess beans are being ground, but the flour is not being transported all the way to the brew chute. I had vsumed that this disc in the grinder was throwing the flour forward. Or is it more like you have to grind "enough" beans to get any coffee grounds into the brew chute at all?

From the error pattern it is like this
:* You select the coffee you want to have (eg espresso)
* the machine grinds (but that is relatively quiet) --> the rota8ng



the motor I have already replaced, unfortunately, the cables are not marked yes*
then the machine reports brewing process canceled*
when disassembling the machine I then find a little flour in this funnel in the direction of the brewing shaftWhat

else can be a problem? Or do I really just need to grind several times to get enough flour into the brew chute?

Thanks for your help...MarkusNivona

CafeRomatica 850