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Rust stain

Rust stains on stainless steel trim


September 01, 2021 09:39 am


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Hi all,

i have an EQ.6 plus s 700 since march 2019. in the meantime it was 3x in repair.


3.2019: (warranty service
)Immediately upon delivery the grinder was defective, 1st cup selected and nothing workedperformed

.2020 (warranty service)
Machine reports only a few cups after descaling that it needs to be descaled again.
Performed repair:
-repair KVA EQ.6-



.2021 (Invoice amount 209,90 Euro)
Brewing unit jammed, could not be removed alsoPerformed
-Repair KVA EQ.6-Brewing unit-Instantaneous water heater driveControl moduk


repairs were annoying, with the machine I am very satisfied in intact condition


In each case the repairs were also carried out swiftly with success.
Unfortunately, the machine has now developed within a very short time on the stainless steel panels unsightly rust stains, although I have always cleaned the machine only with a damp cloth (water) and then rubbed dry with a tea towel.

When I contacted BSH Hausgeräte Service GmbH about these rust stains, I was told to send the machine back in and the mechanic would check whether the panels would be replaced for a fee or free of charge. In the event that the panels are not replaced free of charge and I do not agree to the change for a fee, I must pay the costs incurred.
(A set of full costs. biggrin.gif)

Now my questions:
How do you deal with the rust stains on the stainless steel bezels?
Is there a remedy that you can use without any problems and that really helps without damaging the bezels?
Has anyone already changed the bezels on their own?

Already a "thank you" for all helpful answers.