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Siemens EQ.9 "Clean brewing unit" very often


April 19, 2022 04:27 am


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yes, already tested!


April 26, 2022 03:21 pm


QUOTE (Wörlein @ Saturday, August 17, 2019, 00:19 PM)
Hello everyone tongue.gif
I own a Siemens EQ9 s700 and had the same problem as most after a short time with the machine.
The brewing unit jammed more and more often with the message "clean brewing unit "
I have thoroughly cleaned everything as often recommended and also lubricated the spindle thread with silicone grease
Has everything worked more or less well every now and then. But the message came again and again.

Yesterday, however, I did not get the machine to run and consequently looked at the brewing unit and the "jamming" times very closely.
I think I have discovered the real problem and eliminated it. My brewing unit works perfectly again.

As you have noticed, the brewing unit is installed at an angle so that gravity can help a little
The pot in which the coffee is pressed together, is held in place by gravity and on the other side by the rubber hose. After a few months, however, exactly this hose gets a slight permanent kink by the back and forth folding when ejecting the coffee pod.
Therefore, it then happens that the "pot" by turning down the spindle already tends to fold out to the right before the spindle is fully driven down and thus everything gets jammed. Also the wire bracket that is supposed to strip the pad bends at this moment.

All a bit difficult to explain, I know.
But the solution is very simple.

You have to compensate the decreasing tension of the water hose on the opposite side with a rubber or better a suitable spring. The rubber simply holds the pot in place until the spindle has moved all the way down and audibly clicks into place. Then the spindle turns another quarter turn and tilts the pot to the side. The rubber gives way accordingly at this point.

Attached is a picture of my solution. I have filed a small notch in each where the rubber is hooked in because otherwise it jumps down when the pot goes to the top for pressing.

The coffee ☕️ runs again and I am very happy that this trouble finally has an end and I have not ordered a new brewing unit. If the rubber should tear times you can replace this very easily and inexpensively. Also a suitable spring I would have already found.

Sauerei I find that such a weakness in the design for over 2000 € must be accepted sad.gif

I felt the need to write this article and I hope I can finally help many plagued


If you have any questions, just contact meG->


This (rubber) is indeed the only and correct solution in the long run. Thank you for the valuable hint.

Franz Rechberger

May 15, 2022 08:17 am


I have also had the problem for years. My recommendation: Clean well (not in the dishwasher) also Oring take out and lightly grease with food grade silicone grease.
And important !!! [/B]On the threaded spindle I have also given a few drops of silicone grease on it since the funktioiert the machine perfectly without error messages.


May 17, 2022 06:20 pm


I can only confirm the "rubber" solution. Runs for a good two years with me without problems.
I was already close to selling the machine. Thank God I found the post here.
Otherwise, the part is namely a dream. smile.gif


July 21, 2022 11:47 pm


To grease the spindle: You can turn the spindle up and down by turning the cross on the upper side of the brewing unit (I use a piece of wood for this). This way you can get almost all the way to the spindle and grease it and all the moving parts. I had the error message once about 2 years ago and never again after that with this procedure. I grease the entire spindle about every four weeks.



September 11, 2022 08:26 am


QUOTE (BenB @ Tuesday, 03 October 2017, 22:17)
We have had the EQ9 since the beginning of the year. After about half a year it then also started with brew group cleaning. The nice thing is that when the message comes the red lever of the brew group is blocked and you can not get the brew group out. To be able to remove the brew group, you have to remove the side flap when the message comes. After a few seconds put it back. You can then hear how the motor turns the brew group. Then immediately remove the flap again. The lever can now be easily flipped and the brew group removed.

To prevent the message from coming back, just grease the spindle of the brew group (the big thread). Had some silicone grease left over from the Saeco care kit. And since then, fortunately, the message no longer came.

Hello, I have the same problem with the brewing unit. Again and again, very annoying! Will try the suggestion with the silicone spray. Thanks for the tip everyone.


September 11, 2022 10:15 am


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As far as I know, silicone spray is not suitable for this, you have to get silicon grease, which is food safe and sold for a few euros especially for coffee machines. These are small tubes or jars, which then last for years.

And not for everyone this greasing has helped in the long run I also first read through 10 pages here. I then summarized everything that was recommended, see: https: //


September 12, 2022 09:57 am



in the error cause research I landed here in the forum and have read the many great tips. With us, the error also began shortly after the purchase. So far, however, I could remedy with the regular weekly cleaning and greasing the O-ring of the brew group, until last week. Since then, unfortunately, no longer helped and also the installation of a new O-ring brought no success. Have then implemented these suggestions from the forum:

- Grease the spindle-
Turn the pressure hose 180 degrees-
Reinforce the
hose with tape-
Support the tension of the pressure hose with a rubberYet

also without success.

Remedy succeeded unfortunately only by the purchase of a new brewing group, there is also a new model Siemens 11043543. According to Siemens, my machine is unfortunately beyond the 48-month goodwill solution so I got unfortunately no more brewing unit on goodwill.
All others should perhaps still try this way.
The brewing group for the EQ9 was available in the bay for 74.90 € instead of 105.45 € at Siemens.


September 12, 2022 11:56 am


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After more than 4 years, I think it's okay to buy a new brew group. In your case, the first has then lasted quite a long time without major interventions. biggrin.gif

Thanks for help

March 10, 2023 08:01 pm


lubricating the spindle solved the problem.

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