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Search: KVA with cappuccino "at the touch of a button"?


August 01, 2021 12:06 pm


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I am looking at buying a KVA used that makes a good cappuccion or latte macchiatto easily, ie "at the touch of a button". I would like to buy a defective KVA, which can be repaired, which - depending on the defect / error can be fixed cheaply (many such cases can be found in this forum, or on the Internet).

Since I want to buy a used (defective?) Device, the new prices are less relevant, important are the functions: easy operation, not too auffendige care, etc.. Gladly it can be an older model, well there I do not see through, because the online tests deal more with current models.
An example would be (without wanting to advertise a specific brand), if I understood correctly, a Siemens EQ 5 or similar. - or am I wrong?

Could someone please give me some tips on which appliances (brands?, model ranges?) would be recommended or where best to look for such information?
Thanks in advance!ezee50P

Experience with appliances, repairs and suitable tools are available.