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Bosch TES 50621: Waterflow 7.5 ml/s, Temp 75° ok?


August 16, 2021 02:18 pm


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The above KVA I bought used, revised, grinder repaired and tested - seems to work.
Now I would still like to know if what I measured fits:

1. Flowmeter (in service mode) shows 7-7.5 ml/s2
. Large Caffecrema has about 180-190 ml volume3
. Temperature at Caffecrema reaches max 78°Are the

values ok? I have done descaling and cleaning.


My 15 year old DeLongi Maginifica is a dream for service - everything just bolted together, no problems, no violence to disassemble


The TES is a nightmare - everything clipped, hidden clips, youtube videos only help so much (prepared equipment?). "Fortunately" couple clips broke during disassembly, which will make future repairs easier. biggrin.gif