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Problem: Wetness under the KVA.

Possible solution: other lineup?


June 19, 2022 10:35 pm


Hello dear people,

We have had a Bosch VeroBar 100 for a few years now and we are quite happy with it. However, for a few weeks we have the following problem. Under the machine there is always or maybe constantly some wetness and this is not good for the countertop, which is made of wood and starts to rot and turn dark. I suppose the wetness is simply caused by the operation of the machine, for example, when the drip tray is emptied and as a result some drops of water get under the machine. I think we can solve this problem by placing the machine on a pedestal or base that can absorb some water.
I have the following questions: Do you know this problem? Have you been able to solve it, if so, how? Do you have your KVA on a board or a cloth? Or just on the bare countertop?

Thanks a lot & Ciao