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Cold coffee but hot water from the steam pipe


February 01, 2024 09:13 pm


I'm at a loss:
The temperature is already set to "high"
When I make a coffee/espresso with the Ena 5, the temperature in the cup is 41°C. The water at the steam outlet is 72°C, however. The water at the steam outlet, however, has 72°C

Hot milk (from the Jura milk cooler) is heated to just under 52°C.
If I get my coffee directly after the steam, it also reaches 52°C.
But I never reach the 72°C water temperature that comes out of the steam outlet
So where do I lose so much temperature for the coffee?

I rule out serious measurement errors. Limescale too, otherwise the water at the steam outlet would be colder. Or are there 2 heating circuits?