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Saeco Intelia: Pressure drop?

Coffee no longer tastes good


September 14, 2021 05:07 pm


Hi all,
we have had a Saeco Intelia Focus for a few years

When we recently returned from vacation, the first thing I noticed was that the cups were not filled as far as usual. Nothing was adjusted.
Also, the machine sometimes lets water out over the panarello when you make a coffee.
The coffee also no longer tastes to us (despite the same beans). The machine was decalcified (although we have soft water here; do not use a filter), degreased and cleaned.
Also ran the test mode using the service manual and found no abnormalities. Since I didn't know how to exit the test mode, I turned the machine off and on again at the main switch. After that -only the 1st time- a red display with wrench and 14 appeared, but not after that.

Does anyone have an idea where this could be? Or has it simply exceeded its service life?

Thank you very much!