Eq9 S500 only hot milk without foam

Posted by: Giggle February 28, 2018 01:23 pm

I have an EQ9 S500 and a problem with the milk froth.
The search didn't find anything suitable, therefore a new topic.

The EQ9 S500 produces only hot milk but without froth in milk drinks.
The amount is as indicated.
The air, as with many others, is therefore probably not the issue.

I dismantled the pipe of the milk container and also the cappuccinatore (where the drink comes out) and cleaned it intensively.
Multiple preparation of milk with milk cleaner did not bring any improvement.

As I have read from other machines that it often clog a narrow bore that is sucked in via the air, I had looked for such a machine but did not find it.
Do you know where air is sucked in and whether I can check that?

If I should make a video for noises etc. let me know.
Many thanks in advance.

Posted by: HT May 25, 2023 01:30 pm

Hi Did you manage to fix this issue? I am having similar issues.

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