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Jura Z8 or Saeco 7786/00

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March 01, 2021 02:10 am


Hi folks,

writing omitted texts seems to be one of my vices (sorry), so below again the concise question...

To date, we are very satisfied with the quality of our Jura Impressa C50. But since our coffee consumption has now been reduced to one / two cups a day (p.p.) and we also prepare rather milk-based coffee products (latte macchiato, cappuccino, etc.) seems to us the effort to be relatively high ...

- Turn machine on - heat/wait....
- Fill glass/container with milk-
Switch to milk nozzle- heat/wait

- Place coffee glass under milk nozzle-
"open" milk frothing nozzle and wait on site until coffee glass is filled (otherwise it will overflow)-
milk frothing nozzle
and remove coffee glass/place under coffee outlet- disconnect milk hose
, rinse out, plug in-
glass/container well
, fill with water- (if


takes too long to
do this,
the machine will switch back to "coffee" and you will have to switch back to milk nozzle, if necessary. (if it takes a long time, the machine switches back to "coffee" and you have to switch to the milk nozzle again, possibly with heating/waiting time)- "
open" the milk nozzle, let the water run through, "close" the milk nozzle- switch to


the coffee


with coffee- done (

Maybe I'm too

stupid to make a latte macchiato or not enough of a connoisseur to celebrate the production process, but in the meantime we only let the coffee out and then pour in the milk, because the effort with the milk nozzle is just too much for us



idea of buying a new one came from my wife, who heard about the self-cleaning milk nozzle of the Saeco 7786/00


Apart from the fact that it is a KVA, which makes the whole process much easier anyway (no separate heating of the milk nozzle, no need to be present during preparation, etc.), this self-cleaning milk nozzle (called HygieStream) seems to optimise the effort for daily cleaning even more.

I just wonder if it might not just seem that way when compared to other KVAs....

The Saeco 7786/00 is currently compared to the Jura Z8. Although hardly comparable in terms of price, I'm more concerned with the practical aspect or the least possible effort.

The Saeco cleans the nozzle and the milk hose with hot steam and water.
The Jura only rinses the milk nozzle with water, but not the hose.
However, according to my reasoning, the Saeco still leaves milk on the outside of the hose, which is why I would take it off and rinse it anyway....

So the question now arises for me, to what extent the Saeco really offers an advantage?

On the other hand, the brewing unit of the Saeco has to be cleaned and greased regularly. Doesn't sound so easy now either...

Well, those who have read the whole text up to here already know what it boils down to:


Is it

normally sufficient to rinse the nozzle of the Jura through the machine and the milk hose under the tap?! Or is there an intermediate piece that remains uncleaned?

Do you consider the cleaning effort of a Saeco 7786/00 through the self-cleaning milk system (HygieStream) as altogether less complex compared to a Jura Z8?

I would be very grateful for any advice/recommendation!!!Best regardsQ


March 01, 2021 06:55 am



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There is the Jura to the Saeco the advantage that the Jura has two heaters. One for coffee, one for steam / milk foam. At least with the Z8 listed with you.

To clean, download the quick guide at Jura, there is explained how to clean the milk frother at the Jura.

Where milk drinks are prepared, you come sooner or later around a cleaning by hand not past. Even if it is not said by the suppliers perhaps so.

Before I would get a Saeco you can also look at the Melitta / Nivona shelf.

That's my personal opinion.