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Bosch Verocup 100 milk frother broken?

Milk frother does not work


January 31, 2023 09:25 pm


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Good evening, dear coffee machines - community.

I have reached the bottom of the cellar with my Verocup 100 from Bosch. Sometimes the milk frother works as it should, sometimes not at all. I descale the machine regularly. The frother attachment is also nothing clogged. Just wanted to prepare me a latte macchiato which also works, but just without milk foam. Has here perhaps the same machine and can give me advice? Or maybe someone here who generally has a clue?..

Kind regards]Bosch TIS30159DE


January 31, 2023 10:09 pm



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Hello, this may be due to the multifunction valve, which is located behind the water tank.
So you need to open the KVA. Either this is not working properly or the air intake line is clogged. The connector can also cause problems, hairline crack. For this, the front panel must be removed and the connector replaced.
1. Multi... If necessary, clean it or replace it if it no longer approaches the positions correctly. Or disassemble and clean and grease the ceramic discs with silicone grease. Is tricky and could dei worn ceramic discs no success.
2. Connector ""
3. Connector ggfs exchange.
Please work off and report again.

Mfg Chris

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