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Jura E60 (G 2)

KVA on the "Ferment is heated" display


May 01, 2021 05:06 pm


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Hello! I have often used tips from this forum, but am writing for the first time.
Have a problem with Jura E60 (G 2)
First KVA has not switched on. Have changed transformer, then has started and shows
error code 8.Have done everything. Brewing unit disassembled all gaskets replaced, drain valve new bought and replaced, had just bought the encoder new and replaced.
Brewing unit positioning 5 times verscheiden tried ... nothing stirsBrühgruppenmotor
from tried on function, it works! At coffee grinder ... also cleaned and tried motor works.
Now when switching on the display shows ..." Gäret is heated" and then Error 8 ...
And nothing happens ... no noise ... Nothing

I'm not so talented in electronics but I think lies in transformer wiring (not right probably) because it gets hot the same.
can help me maybe Someone