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Necta Koro / Anything goes except hot water

Defective Necta Koro


December 22, 2021 08:23 pm


I have a Necta Koro with water tank. Everything works except hot water.

You hear the pump, but nothing comes.

It happens that after hot water selection then comes the message: "Install boiler".

The message is then also really hard to get away again. Until now I help me then by unscrewing the machine on the left, pull a hose from the pump (I assume edenfalls, that is the pump) and briefly hold my finger on it wärend the machine pumps, so that the thing builds up pressure, then I put the hose back on it and then switch on / off again and the error message is gone. Hot water is then but still not ... Coffee and milk goes 1A.

Anyone an idea?