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Krups EA8010 failure

needing help from a Krups Expert


September 16, 2022 01:06 pm


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I am an electrician, familiar with appliance repair with all required tools, I live in a remote African country with virtually no access to parts or even a mail service.
We have a Krups EA8010PN/70J
It had the problem of Error 5 No water flow after carrying out a cleaning procedure.
I could not find any issues following all the recommendations in the service manual, and water appears to flow, so concluded it is either the flow meter or main board.
Someone was travelling here from the UK so I ordered both.
The flow meter made no difference.
Then replacing the board I discovered that the main board for a EA8010PN/70J is different from a EA8010PN/70H and the board I received is for a EA8010PN/70H.
When I put this board in, I no longer get a water flow error, but rather the unit goes into an endless cycle of requiring the grinds bin to be emptied.
My questions are
1. Since the water flow error does not show up with the new board, is it likely to be the old board faulty? Or is it possible I have missed something else that could give a no flow error 5?
2. Should the main board for the EA8010PN/70H actually work for the EA8010PN/70J and I now have another problem of the looping that can be solved perhaps by a reset or initialisation etc?
Thank you in advance