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Style EC 685.M no pressure

Delonghi Style EC 685M does not make coffee


June 06, 2021 05:23 pm


Hi guys,

my machine doesn't do what it's supposed to anymore.
It started with my big cup only half full. Then with little crema, then no coffee came out at all.
Water was still coming out through the hot water outlet, but with little pressure.
I have replaced the pump, as I wanted to exclude this, but unfortunately this has not eliminated the problem.
Currently I observe the following:

1) at the hot water outlet comes a tired stream (could come with more pressure I think)


2) At the portafilter nothing comes out at all, even without portafilter.
3) when I unscrew the distributor I still see a "cap with spring". When I then "make a coffee" water sprays out, but obviously with little pressure, as the pressure with the distributor installed is not enough to open the "shutter with spring".
4) Basically I see air in the hoses, even when discharging hot water5
) In the water tank I see water being pumped back into the tank through the overpressure hose

Do you guys think it's still worth replacing the flowmeter?
Since it all started with my big cup only being made half full could this part be in the bag or clogged or calcified? unsure.gif

Or does anyone have any ideas based on the description?

I think it's stupid to throw everything away all the time.
If it is not too much effort I would like to do it again.