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Jura Z5: Loud Groaning Noise during Coffee / Drain

Loud groaning noise heard during cycles


September 07, 2021 08:36 am


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Hi - I have a Jura Z5 that is making a groaning noise during the processing that got a lot louder recently. The sound can be heard around 0:06 and 0:30 in this video:

The Z5 was having some issues when the groaning occurred, where it seemed to be getting "stuck" in the cycle and would retry a few times before succeeding or just quitting (no error codes when it quit, though).

I just did a Brew Group refurb this weekend, and the system is running quieter - but the loud groaning is still occurring. It may be related to the Geared Motor assembly, since the noise didn't happen when I removed it ... but that could just be because the Brew Group wasn't being moved through its regular cycling when the motor was removed.

Any ideas?



September 07, 2021 08:09 pm



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Video missing. Best link.