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ESAM 3400 display does not work properly


June 14, 2024 08:18 am


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Hello dear coffee community,

The display on our Esam 3400 shows strange things after plugging in the plug.
However, when I load the test mode, it works normally.
The drama started with the words "grinder too fine, .... ). After I cleaned the grinder, installed a new brewing piston with flow heater and a new water pump, it ran for a day, then there was the big bang. The display then went dead.
I then replaced the power board, reed board and solenoid valve.
At least it now shows something on the display and I can start the test mode, but at some point it goes off by itself.

I hope one of you can help here, although of course it's proven to me that remote diagnoses are difficult.

VG Nick