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Cleaning tablet does not dissolve

Brigitte Weiß

January 10, 2022 07:26 pm


Hello all,
hope someone can give me a tip!
Have an Impressa J85 and so far all good.
At the cleaning that is now taking place, only clear water came out. Here we found that the tablet was still in the chute. When we tried to push it further, it fell down completely.
Has anyone had such a case or do I have to go to the workshop.
Thanks in advance.


January 10, 2022 07:45 pm



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Did the tablet get stuck in the powder chute? So what I had already with a few (newer) machines with the original cleaning tablets from Jura.
If there is still a little powder hangs then remains tablet that like to hang there. Be glad that you have noticed it. The machine does not have to go to the workshop because of this.

You could use a bottle brush carefully times in the opening where the powder or the tablet comes in and so clean the funnel below.