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aeg cs5000 buttons hang after assembly


November 23, 2022 03:08 pm


Hello can someone help me? I have an Aeg CS500 after ausernanderbau of the operating part I get now einafch the part with the buttons do not go in properly without the buttons very difficult. Gits there a trick? I put the buttons first on the buttons and then in the bezel pure went all right screws went in easily, but the buttons hang.then I have the buttons first in the bezel pure and then the buttons screwed on the same speil buttons hang. then buttons getausch still hang before it went perfeckt it is nothing defeckt gone I do not understand can anyone help.machine goes buttons also only the buttons always hang mfg sascha


November 23, 2022 05:41 pm



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Hello Sascha maybe on the buttons yes lateral lugs are attached which serve as a guide, so exactly I do not know this machine. So check again and possibly again. Surely there is an assembly error here.
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