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Error at Bosch Benvenuto B20

No function


May 25, 2015 10:46 am


Coffee drinker

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Coffee machine has no function from time to time. Then all the symbols in the display light up.
After switching it on and off several times, it still works again.
I took it to the workshop, where it worked. Therefore one could not help me.
At home she has stopped the function again after 1 week.
Can one still do anything except dispose?

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Martin (Hobbytechniker)

May 25, 2015 12:38 pm



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You could try to figure out what it is... what doesn't mean a function? Nothing...? There might be a loose plug inside or a plug connection may not have a proper contact.

Check it out.


November 11, 2020 02:13 pm


السلام عليكم
انا عندى نفس النوع هذا من الماكينة وصارت معاى نفس المشكلة بس توا طالع لى الرمز الاخير من اليسار مالحل اخى؟
طبعا انا البارح انظف فيها بس نسيت الخزان راكب وهو معبى مياه لهذا دخلت منى شوى امية داخل الماكينة مالحل ارجو الرد