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Siemens EQ.5 Macchiato Plus (2017 model)

No coffee comming out.. ????


January 21, 2023 09:38 am


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Hello Friends! I have a first gen. Siemens EQ.5 Macchiato Plus, 2017. TE515209RW/05.
It has served us well, and i can understand that she (the Machine) is tired, and a bit degenerated. Anyhow, i want to help her up again, to do what she loves: to make coffee. Description of problem; a few weeks ago, the amount of coffee comming out, starter to be smaller - roughly 50% of normal volume. One week later, nothing comes out. The maschine is still brewing, but the water goes down in the collector. And the water is clear, meaning that it is not pressed through the grinded coffee beans. I have cleaned the maschine, also the brewing unit. There is no stenosis on the tubes as long as i can find. I have talked with a technician, he sent me a new brewing unit. I just tested it: coffee comes out, yes (smile), but its small amounts, i would say less than 50% of what should come out. So anyone: have you experienced something similar? I would be very thankful for tips and tricks! I wish you all a happy new year!
Sincerely, Harald - Norway

UPDATE: And now, after 3-4 half filled cups, its had again stopped. Nothing comes out, (with the new brewing unit..)..

I am especially interested in which parts i can replace.


January 22, 2023 09:05 pm



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Hello, since yes something comes with the first cups, I think these following parts change. Pump, pulsator, flowmeter and get a descaler on amidosulfonic acid, if it is not already available.

Greetings Chris

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