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Water makes devices stink

Problems due to tap water?


March 14, 2023 04:32 pm


we have the following problem. Years ago I had a Brita water filter. However, after a few uses the whole filter and the part itself totally stunk. Have constantly changed the filters, but that did not help.thought the filter has a problem...
So Brita in the trash and bought a new one. And of course after a short time the same problem. And I also bought a coffee machine through classifieds, everything was great with the lady. Hardly a few days at home, the water tank began to smell again after old plastic or so. ???? The same before that with my fully automatic machine...

Can you force that in a rented apartment to be checked? Or what can I do about it?
I drink the water from the tap every day. The coffee also tastes normal. But when I fill up water, it's really disgusting.

Even soaking with baking soda and sp]üli doesn't help.
Does anyone have an idea how I can improve the smell?