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Miele CM7500 Drainage fan

Question about the removal of the drain valve


March 15, 2023 02:27 pm


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Hello everyone,

after I ordered a new brewing unit, I wanted to clean the area around the drive and the valve times properly. After a few years of use, it looks bad there.
So I unscrewed the cover to the valve and could see the drainage valve.
My idea was now to unscrew the next screws, thinking that I could expose the complete valve and the drive. Which turned out to be wrong.
So I screwed everything back together - or almost.
Unfortunately I made the mistake of loosening the three screws above the valve.
With one screw I could fix the valve above again. But the two screws above it can't find a thread anymore.
I'm afraid something fell off inside.
Unfortunately I have zero idea what that could have been, nor can I get to that area to check.
Anyone a tip ???

Thanks in advance !!
Greetings in the round

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