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Siemens EQ.6 | Fault please call the hotline

Ceramic valve?


March 26, 2024 05:17 pm



I have the following problem with my coffee machine (Siemens EQ. 6 plus s100):

When switching on, the machine stopped rinsing and the message "Please restart machine" appeared. After restarting the machine twice, the message "Fault Please call hotline" appeared.

I then tested all the components listed in the service menu. Except for "Ceramic valve step". There the value was at 6.0 and then at 5.5, then nothing happened.

The error log shows the following:
Ceramic valve timeout
Occ.: 20
after: 0 secs Bev.0

In the error memory:
Ceramic valve timeout 12
CV recalibrations 1

In my amateurish opinion, I would now conclude that the ceramic valve is defective.
I just wanted to make sure before ordering spare parts from you experts here.