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EQ 9 S 500 or EQ 700 Integral

Purchase advice


November 24, 2021 09:16 pm


,we want to buy a fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens. Unfortunately we can not decide between the EQ 9 S500 and the EQ 700 Integral.

The question also relates to whether there is not soon a new EQ 9 ? We didn't want to buy a machine that has been on the market for 3 years and then next week the new version of it comes out.

Since the EQ 700 Integral just came out this year, that became an option to the EQ 9.

Now the question which machine is better ? If the EQ 9 is better, can we still buy it without the new machine coming out next week/month. Not that we then buy an "old" machine.

Unfortunately I haven't found an answer on the net yet, so I'm hoping for some good advice.

Thank you very much!