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Siemens EQ8 causes problems.

Troubleshooting an EQ8

Mr. Red

November 22, 2022 09:52 pm


Hello, after the EQ8 of my parents no longer so wants, and they bought a Jura Z10, the old EQ8 has migrated to me. I think it's too bad to throw away, and would like to get it back in shape. I have made the following videos where you can see the errors.

When turned on, the machine steams on the side.
When making coffee, the flow is not good, and bubbling occurs at the outlet.
When shutting off, there is also no good flow at the outlet.

Here is what I have done so far.
Bought new brewing unit.
Decalcified unit with amidosulfonic acid.

Unfortunately, no improvement was visible.

Now I would like to replace the defective parts in the machine. What makes the most sense here ?
(Flow meter, ceramic valve, pump etc.)
Does anyone know about the error pattern ?

:// for your help



November 23, 2022 05:34 pm



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Hello, with the error pattern and since you have already bought a new brewing unit. Would I replace the pump, flowmeter, pulsation damper and possibly if the EQ8 has the membrane between flowmeter and pump take out. Needed but still something 20cm silicone hose if this membrane is taken out.

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