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Bleed Gaggia Titanium - Pump does not pull

Samples Gaggia Titanium Pump


January 17, 2019 10:15 pm


Hello everyone,
my Gaggia Titanium is causing problems. If you switch it on, there is always a vent.
If you open the hot water steam valve, the pump starts audibly and remains on. However, it does not draw water. After 10 sec. the machine says ready... I close the valve and zack, stands there again venting.
Had it so far disassembled and supplied the pump directly with water. This means that a syringe with water is placed on the inlet hose of the pump (comes from the flowmeter). All so far bridged and switched on again.
De-aerate machine, hot water - steam valve open, with the syringe easily pressure built up... Pump runs, but doesn't let any water through and doesn't attract it either, because the syringe has built up the pressure.

Can the pump be so clogged ?
Can the pump be defective despite pump noise ?

The pump's output hose goes into the boiler or as you call it, it can be clogged there ?

Many thanks, dear greetings


January 22, 2019 06:19 pm



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If the flowmeter does not rotate, the machine does not know that water is flowing. Syringe into the tank hose. When it flows again it is absolutely necessary to decalcify it vigorously. With amidosulfonic acid SHB, durgol or the like

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