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Machine completely dismantled

Melitta F53/1-101

Alwin Brütsch

February 04, 2024 12:15 pm


I need help with a Melitta F53/1-101.
My brother has completely disassembled and cleaned the machine.
Now he can't get it back together. The only pictures he has taken are the plugs on the electronics. I am a radio and TV technician, but coffee machines are not my core competence.
Can anyone help me with an exploded view or a video?

Many thanks


February 08, 2024 05:57 pm


Coffee drinker

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Can anyone really help me?


February 08, 2024 07:29 pm



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Hello Alwin. Enter this link Melitta F53/1-101 at yt. you might find something there. You will find Auseinder.
So you will also get them together. But it will take a while.
I haven't had a Melitta like this here yet.

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