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Miele CM6350 - Richtige Werte Flowmeter

Check flowmeter / pump


August 29, 2021 06:58 pm


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Hi all
,can anyone help me with the readings displayed on the flowmeter. Am just about to isolate the fault for not drawing hot milk and milk foam. I have changed all the relevant parts, ceramic valve, pump, flow heater and the cappuchinator....but to no avail. It is simply no milk from the container sucked, with hot milk it works now and then after long running let......bin with my Latin at the end.
Have just cleaned all the hoses, between water tank and flowmeter, between flowmeter and pump and everything from the pump to the flow heater to the ceramic valve.....also the hoses from the ceramic valve to the comes a lot of steam, but the milk is unfortunately not sucked with.....Hose between milk container and cappuchinator is also new.....Who can help? sad.gifhuh.gif