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Filling beans


July 10, 2024 03:24 pm


After our first Nivona, which we were super satisfied with, needed replacing, we chose a Nivona again. Two months after we got it delivered through Expert the message "fill beans" started. Machine was picked up for inspection. After this the machine went back several more times to be checked. Each time came another story as to why the message comes back every time. But no solution. Every time it grinds beans only to break down. After a year of aggravation the machine comes back from the repair shop where Expert takes it to and we are told that this was the last time and we no longer had warranty. ??? There is a two year warranty on the appliance! Then we call importer, he tells us that we have two years warranty no matter what happened to it. Now it turns out we have an old brewer in our new device. We are sent a new one... but unfortunately the problem remains.
After many calls we are asked to send the device via Expert to the importer. Again you are not helped. All they advise is to have a maintenance service done of about € 250,--
Why? My device didn't work after only two months. If I still have warranty why don't I get a new device?
Downright bad service from all companies involved