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SIEMENS eq9 brewing unit

Crack in d. BE when cleaning with tablet


June 06, 2021 05:29 pm


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Hello, I read somewhere that some users also had this problem -

I have the machine now for 4 years with some error -
but now during the cleaning program heard a bang and abort . Then various messages (which I now no longer know, because the machine was sporadically for 2 weeks only operated abundantly : coffee became increasingly stale, the brewing unit pressed the side wall and the tank 2mm outwards - My counter-pressure helped to get a coffee: but only now I discovered that the BE is cracked - clearly that was the cause of the stale coffee.

Now my thought:
Could it be that the breakage was caused by the "new" non-SIEMENS tablet, as it was too large in diameter accidentally left standing ohmy.gifvertically/ upright ohmy.gif?

With the tablet has been cleaned several times, without problems....

But I swung to a 2phase solution in the meantime, which was smaller in diameter. Only my better half did not notice this, and took the "old new".....