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Siemens EQ9 Stuck on "Special Rinsing"

EQ 9 machine won't recognize water tank


March 21, 2022 03:29 pm


I have a Siemens EQ9 fully-automated coffee machine that has had no problems, but it stopped in the middle of a descaling program, and now is stuck on the "Special Rinsing" program when I turn it on. It goes from "Clean and Reinsert Milk Container" to "Rinse water tank, reinsert filter if applicable, fill water to MAX, reinsert tank", and will not recognize the water tank. I made sure the magnets are all connected, the connection points are clean, and still, nothing happens. I have tried to do a "hard reset" of the machine, too, but cannot clear the message, or move further in the program.

Has anyone else experienced this, and able to help? I have also put in a customer service ticket with Siemens Deutschland


May 22, 2023 05:24 pm


Hello same problem with the same coffee machine. Did you find a solution?