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Quickmill 5500 electronics defective due to wrong pump

Quickmill 5500 Electronics defective


September 16, 2019 10:56 am


Hello dear forum, hope someone has advice for my problem, got the Quickmill cheap, at the first test pump/circuit was blocked. I'm exchanging the pumps, and I got the wrong guy and put in a 24v pump.... (I hate myself for it.....) I test, want to flush and the (house) security flies, my feeling true already that I have taken the wrong pump.....
So now to the error: Machine heats, I think is clear is separately controlled, but no beep or when I press a key nothing happens... Now I've
already changed the triac for the pump, it was through, hasn't changed anything, just didn't measure out any other defect so farNow my main concern is with those who have experience with the machines! if the microchip has burned through, everything else would be illogical to me... this one here :
don't order spare parts on suspicion, since it's quite rare and only via

Thank you for every tip and advice !!!GreetingsNico