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New KVA, Miele or Nivona ?


October 03, 2021 01:16 pm


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,I would like to buy a new KVA and would need a little experience/opinions....
At the moment I have a Siemens EQ9 with which I had actually from the beginning only problems and since the customer service of Siemens does not convince me at all, I would not like a new Siemens....

We drink actually only milk drinks, espresso plays absolutely no role.
The machine should have/be able to:
-milk quantity adjustable-milk hose
(no extra milk container as with Delonghi)
-removable brewing group (Jura falls away)

In the end I am now stuck with the Miele 7550 and Nivona 970


With the Miele I've read several times that it rinses extremely often and you have to fill the water tank insanely often. Also that already after about 6 cups the Tresterbehälter must be emptied ... blink.gif ? That would be for me already an exclusion criterion because we drink a lot of coffee and I do not want umpteen times a day to empty or fill the container. Maybe someone here has the machine and can say something about it?

To the Nivona I have not found too much... can you use the customer service?

I look forward to any response.



October 03, 2021 01:25 pm


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I find Miele very expensive to buy and for spare parts.

I had already several times with the customer service of Nivona in Nuremberg to do because I have already sent in machines for friends. The service is fast, uncomplicated and above all at a fixed price.
And the Nivona owners I know are all very satisfied.

I am rather the fan of the old Saeco.