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Neff C7660N 0/03 Dispensing coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are blocking the nozzle

Steve O

January 31, 2024 07:03 am


HI All
I have the above coffee machine - its been running for years and very happy with it. We have noticed recently that which drinking coffee there is some sludge in the cup at the end.. not something we have had before or noticed. its a bit clumpy but when squished it looks like very fine particles..

It came to a head today when I noticed that the coffee was slow to dispense and was coming out of the sides of the nozzle. Quick whip off of the front - removed the nozzle assembly and proceeded to unload a lot of crud from it. (it was only replaced a year or 2 ago) Its not clean and operating again but now i'm wondering whats going on... and why it happened.

Is there a filter screen somewhere that may have broken and is now letting the grinds through? or what else could I do to address the issue?

Thanks in advance - Steve


January 31, 2024 07:06 pm



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Hello, this is quite normal with an oily bean, take a cleaning tablet more often and let it run in clean mode.

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