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Purchase recommendation for fully automatic coffee machines up to 1400 euros


January 27, 2024 04:06 pm


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Hello everyone,

We are currently looking for a new fully automatic coffee machine.

We currently have a Siemens EQ9 S500 with around 11000 cups where the pump is broken.
It has now been in a workshop and I was told that the repair itself would no longer be worthwhile because the general condition is probably not so good.

I was also told in the store that I should never buy a Siemens machine again because they are supposed to be very prone to faults.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea about the subject and before I waste a lot of money, I wanted to ask for a purchase recommendation.

What is very important to me is that the machine must be quiet and, as I like to drink tea, it must have a hot water dispenser like the Siemens machine.

I would be very grateful for any suggestions

Best regards