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Milk frothing problem


January 22, 2024 06:33 pm


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I own a model Magnifica Evo ECAM292.81.B. For a year after purchase, there was no problem with frothing milk in cappuccino. Daily, the machine made up to 6 cups of this version of coffee.
Recently, the machine does not draw the full portion of milk (only about half), snorts terribly loudly and froths milk poorly. As a result, it's no longer a cappuccino, but some kind of behemoth.
The frothing apparatus from the beginning is cleaned after each use - thoroughly. I never use vegetable milk. I always use semi-skimmed milk (2%) and always chilled.
Can anyone help me and write what could be the cause of such a malfunction of the frother? Greetings, Anna


January 28, 2024 07:33 pm


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Try Coffeein clean MILK, or similar, for cleaning dairy systems.
Example on video