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Krups EA89*

Running time for the grinder adjustable?


June 04, 2021 06:04 pm


Hello everyone, I have often read valuable tips here, but now need specific help. In our town there is a Repair Cafe initiative (currently "to go" of course).
Currently I have a Krups EA89* on the workbench, which had a massive limescale problem.
The cleaning tablets (third party brand, deliberately chopped up) were stuck in the chute. I removed the plunger and soaked it in descaler overnight.
Coffee brewing now works again, but I have the additional problem of too much coffee being ground, so that for every 180ml of oats, about 1-2 teaspoons of excess end up in the drip tray. The Mahlwark runs at this setting about 15 seconds.
What is going wrong here, or how can I adjust the run time?

Thanks in advance!


June 08, 2021 10:03 pm


Hello again,

I have now looked at the clock and measured that the grinder runs 20Sec (button "LongCoffee" without extra "Dark". So I get too much powder for the cylinder.

Does anyone have this machine and can say how long the mill runs with him?

Does anyone know how I reset this machine to factory settings?


June 10, 2021 09:38 pm


According to Krups customer service, there is no way to reset this machine to factory settings.

Regarding grinding time, the part seems to be intelligent enough to determine how far it could push the piston into the cylinder. If the piston can be pressed in too deep, the running time for the next grinding will increase. Because I have run my tests without beans, the time has become longer and longer.
With beans, the machine has recalibrated within only 4 pulls.
The mill now runs about 8sec.

Maybe the info is helpful for someone else