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Water leakage problem


March 15, 2023 05:52 pm


Hello to everyone. Couple of months ago, after 2 years of operation, my Krups EA9010 machine started leaking water under the device. I've taken it to the authorized repair shop and they told me that the leakage is caused by faulty heating element (MS-5A10637) and that the entire part must be replaced. At that moment I've doubted that it is heating element and deiced not to repair the coffee machine especially since the water leak was minimal and it didn't have significant impact on the coffee quality. Lately the leaking below the device has increased and also the espresso height is lower than usual. For e.g. if I choose 70ml espresso the machine will produce approximately 30 ml.

Perhaps someone had similar issue with this model? Is it really faulty heating element or it can be something else that is causing the problem? When I access the service mode on the device itself the auto test function does not show any errors but in the Defect tab there is a list like "defect:63 -[17,6]" ; "defect:63 -[0,6]" ; "defect:63 -[12,6]".