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Claris Smart refill cartridges

Maybe there's a way


January 14, 2022 10:05 am


QUOTE (Guest @ Monday, 15 January 2018, 13:21)
I tried a bit around and was able to permanently interrupt the radio between filter and machine - a small plate of aluminum foil in the right place from the outside attached and already the communication was interrupted - bingo!

Now I can fill the original cartridges again and insert without the machine grumbles


16 degrees dH (unfortunately for us) are set and the Jura E8 reports 2-3 times a year.
With such hard water without filtration, the coffee taste is fully on the line because flavors and fine acidity are neutralized and I would have to set 2 more beans to get even a little coffee flavor.

As I said, the use of special filter granules serves me exclusively to filter undesirable flavors in the hard water, nevertheless, properly decalcified.

After reading out the references, but at the latest after 6 weeks, a newly prepared, cleaned and refilled original cartridge comes in.

Greetings Mike

Exactly so I have also done Mike, cut an old milk carton, cut out hole, put on the bottom where the filter cartridge is inserted so that the chip is deactivated.The granules to refill the cartridges are available with a funnel to buy.Ten hole at the top laterally drill into the filter, refill cartridge the silicone plug is included in the set of granules.Replace filter every 1.5-2 months and it works.
Unfortunately, my wife has reservations and continues to buy cartridges.
Greetings Gerhard


August 11, 2022 07:54 am


any newer development in cloning claris smart filter?


August 11, 2022 07:55 am


if not, is it possible to get detailed instruction from original person who used chameleon mini to copy then simulate few new claris smart filters to make the jura start making the chameleon clone with "used water" blocks?


September 06, 2022 09:03 pm


Coffee drinker

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QUOTE (Gast_Francis @ January 19, 2020 10:36 pm)
Hi Marco,
indeed I hacked it. Actually I sniffed the exchanges between the machine and the filter using a SDR (software defined radio) receiver and wired antenna. Then I bought a Chamelon Mini and implemented the 15693 protocol and simulated a EM4237 chip. I bought half a dozen of new filters and copied the content into the flash (Jura E6 remembers the last couple of filters serial numbers). I then sold the still new cartridges for an attractive price to a friend :-)
I used the coil antenna of an old Jura filter (removing it from the filter and also removing the chip) and mounted it at the bottom of the water tank, just facing the Jura reader at the bottom. The Chamelon is fixed on the water tank using 3M double face tape.
Of course it took me a while but it's working well now and it cost we 35c€ to fill a cartridge.
If you leave me a mail I can send you some pictures.

Hello Francis,

I would like to see how you achieved it. I can even offer you a compensation.
Let me know on contact, how can I contact you?



October 23, 2022 09:59 pm


QUOTE (snowball @ Saturday, October 28, 2017, 11:21 PM)
You can forget about replacing the cartridges. Used filter cartridges cannot be used in any other machine. I had already dealt with this, with the result that the cartridges can no longer be reused.

The chips in the cartridges are written by the machine. Each chip a unique ID that the Jura machine can remember. When the cartridge is used up, the cartridge is locked in the corresponding blocks. Each ml of water withdrawal is stored on the chip. In addition, the switch-on cycles (if water was also drawn) are written to the chip.

The chips must also be specially addressed to be able to store data on them. Reading them, on the other hand, is easy. An Android phone with the TagInfo app from NXP and you can read the chip. Blocks 0 to 3 contain the unique ID. Block 8 is where the power cycles are stored. Block 10 to 1B is used for the flow rate. Maybe more (machine number). Block 1C to 1F I could change with a suitable RFID writer as I wanted, but the ones before that I could not!

The following RFID reader/writer is installed in the machines: ""

I've given up on the chip story. Possibilities that would be: get suitable blanks and replace the old ones. But again, I would think that they would need to be prepared appropriately. In the new condition the chip is already described. In addition, the procurement should not be quite cheap. Thus no option mMn.
Another possibility would be to record and decode the communication between the Jura controller and the RFID reader/writer. Here, a proprietary protocol like the serial Jura connector, which has already been decoded, could also be used. Perhaps also the same?

I will rely on an external solution here, without these RFID chips, but with elaborate additional hardware.

Hello folks. It's pretty simple. Remove RFID chip. The Jura then starts as if har no filter is inserted.


January 24, 2023 12:25 pm


QUOTE (Windi @ Saturday, 28 October 2017, 17:06 h)
The company Jura has yes built into the Claris Smart cartridges an RFID chip, so that the machine automatically recognizes a new filter cartridge.
According to information from Jura, of course, only so that you do not accidentally use an already used cartridge.
In reality, of course, you want to prevent refilling and sell their own expensive cartridges.
The refilling goes yes, if you deactivate the filter detection on the machine. However, you then have to take care of the change intervals yourself because there is no longer a message from the machine.

There must be a way to refill these cartridges and "sell" them to the machine as new.

Now I have the following question.
How or where does the machine remember whether the filter has already been used?
Does it write this on the RFID chip or does it remember it internally?
If it writes this on the RFID chip, it would be stupid. Then a hack would be quite complex or even impossible, since the RFID chips can be permanently locked against changes.

But if it remembers it internally, I see several possibilities here.
The memory of the already used cartridges can't be very large.
At some point, it will "forget" the oldest cartridge, so that it can be used again.
I have now tried it with 6 old cartridges. But it still knows all of them.

That's why I would like to try the following.
Simply insert a used cartridge from another machine.
It can't know it yet.
If the machine accepts this cartridge, it is clear that it stores this internally.
You can then fill this cartridge.
If this works, you can introduce an exchange system for Claris Smart cartridges.
User A sends an empty cartridge to user B and vice versa.
If the cartridge is then empty again, user A sends it to user C, etc.
Now you first have to find out whether the machine accepts other used cartridges. If that works out, we can think about setting up an exchange system.

Who of you has an old Claris Smart cartridge and would send it to me (against reimbursement of shipping costs) so that I can test it.

That Jura has been installing a chip for some time is an unacceptable money machine for the company. I have had Jura machines for 25 years, now the third. The previous ones each more than 10 years. These also had filters, but without a chip. I have always used these 2 to 3 times with dry out, counter rinse. I never had any problems. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible with the new filters with chip. I currently have an E9.


June 29, 2024 03:03 am


is there any new development to reduce amount of money wasted on smart filters. I assume if foil used to block the machine communication with filter rfid is no different to not (from machine's perspective) use the filter at all - in which the case the machine will demand frequent descaling and there is no way to descale the operation - it has to be done even without the descale tablets? Can someone confirm the above. We have 0-1 hardness water filtered through separate 3M high quality filter so dont believe changing the filter each bloody month (as Z10 wants) is required

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