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Brewing unit moves up, brewing operation does not start

Brewing operation does not start


January 10, 2020 04:54 pm


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HELP please! Thank you in advance for your answers.

After the brewing unit has been started up, the brewing process unfortunately does not start. This causes the brewing unit to shut down again immediately. Then follows the error message: "Clean the brewing unit".
you could
the ceramic valve motor as soon as the brewing unit was started up.

The ceramic valve /

engine works fine per SDS menu (CV1, CV2, CV3 etc).
Grinder works
fine, but dry coffee powder disappears in the collecting tray.

Warm tea water

works great, milk frother function works also. Already done:
- ceramic valve removed and completely
cleaned (as described here in the forum)- brewing unit completely cleaned-
from ceramic valve
and openings cleaned- decalcified, cleaned
SDS / Service Menu:

- up/down brewing unit works without

CV1 t/m CV8 via 'start' button seems to work without problems