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Alternatives to the Jura milk system cleaner?

Alf aus Mannheim   

January 18, 2021 03:10 am


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Hello, everybody,

with my Jura E 8 daily ~4 Cappuccini are pulled. And slowly go me the cost of the cleaning fluid on the keks mad.gif. 1l of the stuff costs so about the 18, - €.

My question: are there alternatives to this? Preferably, ready to buy? Or in case of need - for a layman like me - simply mixable? Unfortunately, the bottle only says "Amphoteric surfactants 5-15%", otherwise I would have already asked my pharmacist.

I hope you can help me!

Greetings from


Jura ena owner

September 15, 2022 07:04 pm


Was looking for answer and saw this

Jura ena owner

September 15, 2022 07:07 pm


“ The cleaner is essentially sodium carbonate or washing soda. When mixed with the recommended amount of water, it creates a weak acid. Besides this acid, which is carbonic, the mixture also produces a strong base. So, the product tends to be highly alkaline.”