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Krups XP 7240 Error code 6 / Error 6


January 04, 2022 11:46 am


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Hello everybody,

I am new here but have been dealing with Krups coffee machines for a while.

Now I got a Krups XP7240 for my girlfriend as a gift. I have the problem that the error code 6 appears. Maybe someone can help me.

What I have done so far.

After I changed the switch on button the display worked again. Next error was error code 5.

Then I changed the flowmeter. I blew through it and nothing happened. So I changed it. The coffee machine didn't pump again. So I used a syringe to inject decalcifier into the pump. Then I disassembled it without opening the pressure hoses. The whole machine seems to be quite calcified.

Somehow the pump then started and the system then probably vented. There was lime coming through the steam nozzle.

Then the piston went down a few times.

Now the state is that after switching on and heating up the auto test starts. The pump runs but otherwise breaks off at some point and water comes out at the bottom. Inside the machine is so far dry. The water distributor runs the 5 positions that I have tested service menu. Drainage valve I have also cleaned. Was very dirty with coffee powder.

I have always given a little descaler to the water. Can not force a rinse so that I can decalcify the machine times?

How do you proceed with such a problem?

Thanks for your help