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Buying advice Jura fully automatic machine for the office


February 20, 2023 11:51 am


Hello everyone,

since 2007 we have a Jura Impressa XS90 in our office, which has done its job well over the years, including a few repairs. Now, however, it's slowly breaking down and we're looking for a replacement. It should be a Jura again, because we were quite happy with the Impressa or "because just".

Unfavorable is the timing (as usually when something breaks), because we do not know in the medium term, how many people from the staff after almost three years home office again regularly and then also more often than 1x per week including consumption of a cup of coffee come to the office ...

During my research these days, I got the impression that the features and volumes that the Impressa already had back then (price then 1200,- net) now cost from 2200,- net upwards.

And the question is whether we should now invest 2200,- or even more in something that is basically completely oversized; rather not; that's why I would now have aimed for around 1000,- net plus/minus.

For maintenance and hygiene reasons, there will be no milk-containing drinks; indeed, hardly any machine does not have such features, but it is just not relevant whether one machine makes nicer milk foam than the other.

Our requirements:
- Coffee and espresso
- Hot water (if necessary. with temperature adjustable for green tea)
- Coffee output height adjustable for large cups
- One should be able to draw 2 cups of coffee/espresso at the same time
- From the push of a button, the draw of the beverage should be rapid - i.e. without "hours of" preheating and then still "hours of" running out.
- around 1000,- net plus/minus.

In the medium term, between 10 and 30 cups of coffee will be drunk per day - possibly more in exceptional cases, if someone comes now and then and you have to fill up the thermos jug(s).

It would be desirable if the plastic components of the machine were not "lacquer-colored" glossy, but matte, otherwise you always have finger tapper on it ...

In my research, I currently landed at the Jura E8; if you compare with the models WE8 or WE6, the WE models are not worth the extra price in my opinion. And things like a large tank (3L upwards) we actually no longer need. It's better to refill water more often than to fill a large tank, where you have to throw the water away or change it the day after next anyway for hygiene reasons.

I also looked at the even cheaper E6, but somehow the E8 seems to me to be the better choice overall.

What do you think?

Thanks for your help smile.gif



November 02, 2023 01:01 pm


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Considering your budget and requirements, it seems like the Jura E8 could be a suitable choice for your office, providing coffee and espresso, hot water, adjustable coffee output height, and the ability to brew two cups simultaneously, all without extensive preheating. Its features should meet your needs within the around 1000,- net price range. As for maintenance and hygiene, Connect Vending may have options worth exploring to ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your new machine, so it's worth reaching out to them for further guidance.Connect Vending


December 04, 2023 04:34 pm


What about leasing? In terms of accounting, maintenance and repairs, is it a plus or is it really too expensive?


December 04, 2023 04:35 pm


What about leasing? Is accounting, maintenance and repair a plus, or is it really too expensive?