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Jura S9 One Touch Heater Heats Until Burning


May 20, 2023 10:55 am


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Hello everyone,

I bought a used Jura S9 One Touch. Defective were heating & thermal fuses. After I replaced everything, I found that the heater heats, but until Error 1 appears. However, the heater becomes so hot that the holder of the heater begins to melt, shortly thereafter the thermal fuse is through again.

heating I have connected to the following connections:

water heating: TM5 + Tm3
steam heating: Tm4 + Tm6

So it was in any case connected upon receipt and according to various forums correctly.

Are there wiring diagrams of the control?


May 29, 2023 05:23 am



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Hello, you really need to read up, thermocouple checked? Or ..., I suspect that a triac is defective.
In the forums you will find. there are many contributions.

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